World Class Capabilities

Pioneering agile technology manufacturing.

We are redefining manufacturing possibilities.

Established in 2004, Sourceman International is home to a team of innovative, talented and highly experienced engineering and industrial professionals who strive to provide leading edge manufacturing services.

Strategically headquartered in Sydney, Australia, our engineers provide unparalleled service through a high tech agile manufacturing approach with a vast network of partners and suppliers worldwide supported by in-house manufacturing and production support facilities located within its purpose built 10,000 square feet space in Norwest Business Park.

As a specialised manufacturing solution provider catering for engineering professionals, CEOs, CTOs, entrepreneurs and procurement managers; we aim to assist our clients in enhancing their business performance by removing barriers to entry as well as barriers to high volume production and virtually unlimited growth.

Our team redefines manufacturing possibilities by their genuine curiosity and obsessive attention to detail matched only in kind by the established and highly reliable network of suppliers and partners worldwide.

We deliver trusted electronics contract manufacturing services through our Circuits division to take products from design concepts to quality assured finished products.

Our capable teams also provide specialised service offerings through our other four keys divisions being Plastics, Metals, Cables and X-Ray which combined make up our truly unique service offering for an end to end turnkey manufacturing solution.

As a member of IPC and an ISO 9001:2015 certified corporation we pride ourselves in class leading quality and workmanship.


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