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February 2020

  • Si-Fly™ 112 Gbps PAM4 System Announced by Samtec
    Samtec’s direct connect technology, which includes two interconnects: FireFly™ and Si-Fly™. Available now.

December 2019

  • Delay Tuning for High Speed Signals: What You Need to Know
    A short guide from Altium
  • World's Largest FPGA by Xilinx
    Xilinx Announces Largest FPGA yet to be available in volume by Q3, 2020
  • World's Highest Capacity FPGA by Intel
    Intel Announces World's highest capacity FPGA to be launched in Q1, 2020 Before Xilinx
  • VIPPO Design Guide
    A guide from Altium for Laser-drilled Via-in-pad Technology in Your PCB